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 Centralized Ambulance

At present there are 56 ambulances available in A&N Health Institutions. All the District hospitals, CHCs, PHCs and Rangachang Sub-centre have been provided ambulances, to tackle emergency situation.

The ambulance services are provided at free of cost on 24x7. A centralized Ambulance call centre is established in G.B.Pant Hospital. The centre manages the availability of ambulance of entire islands. People have to dial only 102 and ambulance will reach there from the nearest health institutions.


OPDs are performed in all Hospitals on all working days.  The timing for OPD are 8.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. and 3.00 p.m. to 4.00 OPD registrations, consultations, investigations and treatment are free.

Medical Certificates etc. are issued at free of cost. Departments are functioning in all District Hospitals, CHCs and PHCs. In-patient treatment in all Hospitals is free of cost. Free diet is also provided to the patients. The accommodation for Nursing home are provided to patients on payment basis as per the rates notified by the Government. Visitors are generally allowed during visiting hours only i.e. 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm.

Casualty and Emergency Services

Casualty and emergency services are attended 24 x 7 in all the District Hospitals, CHCs, and PHCs. A separate casualty and emergency ward exists at GB Pant Hospital for attending the emergency cases.

Prompt services of Duty Doctors are available 24 hours on all days at hospitals. Services of specialized doctors are available on call in such of the hospitals where they are provided. The decision to call a specialist is that of the duty doctor. Failure to respond to a call is monitored by the Medical Superintendent/H.O. in-charge of the hospital. Patients requiring specialized investigations/treatment are referred to the nearest CHC/District Hospital/G.B.Pant Hospital depending on the case, after providing proper medical aid within the scope of the equipments and the facilities available at Health Centre / Hospital. In all emergency cases, standard of care, which include screening of the patient, stabilizing the patient’s condition and transfer or discharge of the patient for better treatment is done. In serious cases, treatment/management of patients gets priority over paper work like registration and medico legal requirements. The decision rests with the Duty Doctor.

Dialysis Unit

The present Dialysis unit of G.B.Pant Hospital, Port Blair was inaugurated by the then Lt. Governor Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Bhoopender Singh on 17/05/2010. The unit has seven Haemodialysis machines (Fresinius 40088) in the ground floor and an R.O.Plant in the first floor.

The nit is managed by one technician and four well trained staff nurses. Dr. S.S.Singh, Physician trained in Dialysis is the overall incharge of the unit. The Dialysis unit works in four shifts and performs more than 25 dialysis per day. This is the only Dialysis Unit available in whole of Port Blair city and apart from working as a life line for CKD patients of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It has also provided its services to occasional CKD patients from Mainland India who had visited these Islands a tourist.
Contact No. 03192-09434282123

Blood Bank

A blood bank is a place where blood which has been taken from blood donors is stored until it is needed for people in hospital. There is one blood bank at G.B.Pant Hospital which meets the requirements of the patients and provides Blood for needy persons. Blood bank services are attended 24 x 7=365 days.

This Blood Bank has been provided with Rapid ELISA test kits for release of safe blood for emergencies. Blood is released for transfusion only after screening for HIV, Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C, VDRL and Malaria parasite, which is mandatory. Public are requested to donate blood voluntarily and get one self registered in the blood donors directory so that one may be called for emergencies. The new Blood Bank Management System has been installed in G.B.Pant Hospital for management of inventory of blood and also send the SMS to blood donator for requirement of specific blood group. Blood donation camps are being organized with the assistance of N.G.Os.

Contact No. 03192-230628

Laboratory Services

In all health institutions, laboratory services are available for conducting routine investigations and it is available only on working days from 8.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.Reliability and promptness of laboratory results are ensured due to auto-analyzers, electrotype analyzers provided.

In G.B.Pant Hospital, facilities of biochemistry investigations are available. Malaria testing facilities are available in all District Hospital, PHCs, CHCs, UHCs and at Malaria Clinic at Head Quarter (DHS). Sub-centres collect the blood sample for malaria testing and send for testing in any nearest hospitals.

HIV Testing Facilities

HIV testing facilities are available in 13 centres of these islanders :

1. G.B.Pant Hospital, Port Blair.

 2. Garacharama Hospital, Port Blair.

3. CHC Bambooflat, Port Blair

. 4. PHC Neil Island, Port Blair.

 5. PHC Havelock, Port Blair.

 6. PHC Baratang, North and Middle Andaman

7. CHC Rangat, North and Middle Andaman

8. Dr. R.P.Hospital, Mayabunder, North and Middle Andaman

 9. CHC Diglipur, North and Middle Andaman

10. PHC Hutbay, South Andaman

11. BJR Hospital, Car Nicobar

 12. CHC Nancowry

13. CHC Campbell Bay

Radiological Facilities

i) X-Ray

Under the Directorate of Health Services, X-ray facilities are available in District Hospitals, PHCs and CHCs.

ii) Ultrasound scanner

 Machines Ultrasound facilities are available at G.B.Pant Hospital. Ultrasound scanner machines are available in Dr. R.P.Hospital Mayabunder, BJR Hospital Nicobar, CHC Diglipur, CHC Nancowry, CHC Campbell Bay, CHC Bambooflat.

iii) CT Scan and MRI

CT Scan and MRI facilities are available at G.B.Pant Hospital.

Medical Intensive Care Unit

The Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) was established on 15/08/2004 in G.B.Pant Hospital. The Unit was inaugurated by the then Lt. Governor Shri Ram Kapse. The unit has ten beds and is fully equipped with ventilators, multiple parameter monitors, Defibrillators, ABG Machine with electrolyte analyser etc.

The staff nurses posted in MICU are well trained and the unit is managed by a team of doctors comprising of a Physician, Anaesthetist and Medical Officer. Contact No. 03192-236900.