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School of Nursing

The School of Nursing runs nursing education programs. The curriculum followed at the School of Nursing is planned and organized by nurse educators. For obtaining practical experience in the principles and practice of nursing, students visit G.B.Pant Hospital and other Urban Health Centers and Primary Health Centers under the Directorate of Health Services.

The School of Nursing offers a General Nursing Course of 3  years duration with an annual intake capacity of 20 students.

This is a Government Institution under Directorate of Health Services Andaman & Nicobar Administration conducting General Nursing and Midwifery Course.  The school was established in the year 2001 and it is attached to G.B.Pant Hospital functioning in its old O.P.D. premises.

Affiliated to Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi and registered by Tamil Nadu – Nurses and Midwives Council and the Examination Board is CMAI (SIB) Bangalore  School of Nursing prepares General Nurse who will function as member of the health team beginning with competencies for first level position in both hospital and community. This institution provides education and Medical service to the poor and needy persons of the society. To ease out the scarcity of qualified and well trained nurses to meet the health needs of the society. 




The nurses completing the General Nursing Course from this School will be accomplished with following qualities.

a)Clinical knowledge,judment and clinical comPETENCY:

• To observe and interact with the patients.

• To understand the problems of the patient and try to solve them.

 • Students to gain the best theoretical and technical Nursing skills to provide better patient care.

• To evaluate the level of improvement in the patients.

 • Provide effective preventive, promotive, curative as well as rehabilitative Nursing care.


Integrate scientific principles in all Nursing Care Activities as well as to educate students about recent advancement in the fields of Medical and Nursing Care.


• Enabled the Nursing Students to understand the background of each patient – Cultural, religions, racial, economic, educational and recognize the health knowledge problems and habits influenced ty these different backgrounds. Help the Nursing Students to adopt Nursing care and health teaching as per the Expectations of the patient.

 • Cooperate and interact with other health team Members to achieve the set goals of health care delivery system.

 • Encourage leadership skills in working with the health team, Community and develop commitment towards profession and develop professional attitude and behaviors.

• Gain knowledge about the health problems or the Community and impart health education and utilize the available resources in the society towards solving the problem.


• Awareness among the students about belonging to the professional organization.

• To bring about a sense of pride and uphold standards of the Nursing Profession.


• Encourage self awareness and self evaluation.

• Promote Research activities in Nursing Care field.

• Bring about authentic conclusions and improvement in Nursing Care through knowledge and experience.


The purpose of the General Nursing Programme is to prepare general Nurse who will function as member of the health team beginning with competencies for first level position in both hospital and community.

The programme is geared to the health needs of the Country, the Community and the individual, and it will serve as a basis for advanced study and specialization in Nursing, it will assist nurses in their personal and professional development so that they may make their maximum contribution to the society as individual citizens and nurses.