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  • Food and Safety

    The Food Safety Department is a newly formed organization under the overall supervision of A&N Administration. Efforts are being made to create a separate full fledged set up for the health department. The details of work as below :

    i) Issue of licences/registrations to food business operators.

    ii) Inspection of food business premises.

    iii) Collection of samples of suspected food articles for analysis.

    iv) To launch prosecution/adjudication of cases against violators of Food Act.

    v) To compound offences and to impose penalties.

    vi) Food surveillance works and issue of food alerts.

    vii) To provide food safety coverage to VVIPs during their visit to these

    viii) Inspection and certification of bars, mid day meals and other supplementary nutritional programmes.

    ix) To maintain data related to food business and its safety programmes.

    x) To create awareness among the food business operators about food safety programmes.