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Plan Schemes

Six Plan Schemes are being implemented by the Health Department as detailed below:

Scheme No.1 : Primary Health Care

The Scheme aims for smooth functioning of health infrastructure in the form of Sub-centres, PHCs, CHCs in rural areas and UHCs in urban areas, for making primary health care more accessible to the community in remote rural areas and urban areas. The main emphasis of the scheme is to consolidate existing primary and secondary health care infrastructure in the islands.

Scheme No. 2 : Strengthening of District Hospital

The scheme deals with strengthening of District Health infrastructure to provide backup support to primary health care by providing managerial skill and Specialist care in the District Hospital at Car Nicobar & Mayabunder.

Scheme No. 3 : Up-gradation of GB Pant Hospital

The GB Pant Hospital is functioning as the main referral hospital for the entire UT with specialist services in Surgery, Medicine, Gynecology, Pediatrics, ENT, Pathology and Ophthalmology etc. G.B. Pant Hospital, the lone Referral Hospital of these islands and which will also function as the Teaching Hospital for the upcoming Medical College. This will be upgraded.

Scheme No. 4 : Strengthening of Directorate

1. Group Meetings: - 1802 No. of group meetings organized on various health problems such as prevention and control of Tuberculosis, STD/HIV/AIDS, Leprosy and other Communicable & Non - Communicable diseases, small family norms, various methods of family planning and the facilities available under Family Welfare programme, ill effects of Alcoholism & consumption of Tobacco products, Nutritional food habit and balanced diet and Personal hygiene and environmental Sanitation.

Scheme No. 5 : Strengthening of AYUSH

The scheme aims to strengthen/establish AYUSH Dispensaries in the existing CHCs and District Hospitals in accordance with the guidelines of GOI to integrate the same with Primary Health Care delivery system.

Scheme No. 6 : Establishment of Medical College

The Andaman & Nicobar Administration is in the process of setting up of a 100 seated Medical College at Dudh Line, Port Blair. A society, viz, Andaman and Islands Medical Education and Research Society (ANIMERS) has been formed. The scheme aims to provide financial support as Grant-in-Aid to ANIMERS in setting up of the Medical College.

Administrative Setup of Planning Section


Major Achievements during Annual Plan 2014-15

• Dialysis Unit commissioned at Dr. R. P. Hospital, Mayabunder on 7.6.2014.
• Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) commissioned at G.B. Pant Hospital, Port Blair on 18.6.2014.
• The Andaman and Nicobar Islands Scheme for Health Insurance (ANISHI) was launched on 26.01.2015 for all islanders with annual income below Rs.3.00 lakh per annum and government pensioners settled in these islands.
• Blood Bank Management System (BBMS) for Blood Bank Unit, G.B. Pant Hospital launched on 27.2.2015.
• New PHC building at Katchal constructed.

Major Targets proposed in Annual Plan 2015-16

The main emphasis during Annual Plan 2015-16 will be on the following, so that the key indicators could be further improved which in turn will improve the quality of health of the community in the islands

• Improve antenatal, pre-natal and post-natal care.

• Promote 100% institutional deliveries.

• Grant-in-Aid to ANIMERS for establishment and management of Medical College

• Up-gradation of existing GB Pant Hospital from 450 beds to 500 or more beds.

• Up-gradation of the Primary Health Centre, Garacharma to 110 bedded District Hospital.

• One double storied building to house three wards (30 beds for eye, 20 beds for burns patients and 10 beds for terminally ill cancer patients) at GB Pant Hospital.

• Double Storied Dialysis Unit at GB Pant Hospital.

• 30 bedded Sarai for patient’s attendants at GB Pant Hospital.

• Repair and modification for setting up of Cardiac Cath. Lab at GB Pant Hospital.

 • Repair and modification for setting up of Surgical ICU at GB Pant Hospital.

• Repair and modification for setting up of Medical Oncology Unit at GB Pant Hospital.

• Repair and modification for setting up of Surgical Oncology Unit at GB Pant Hospital.

• 30 bedded residential complex for chronic Psychiatric patients at PHC Garacharma complex.

 • 10 bedded Multi Drug Resistant (MDR) TB Ward at GB Pant Hospital.

 • 3 modular Operation Theatres at GB Pant Hospital.

 • Isolation ward at Dr. RP Hospital, Mayabunder and BJR Hospital, Car Nicobar.

 • Provision of Birth Houses attached to hard to reach Sub-Centres in a phased manner.

 • Centralized oxygen supply system at GB Pant Hospital.

 • Establishment of 3 Primary Health Centres at Rangachang/Calicut, Chappa Tikrey and Ariel Bay.

 • Establishment of new Sub-centres at Dollygunj, Maccapahar, Hathilevel, Subashgram, RK Gram, Tamaloo and Pilop• Establishment of new Urban Health Centres in Chakkargaon and Pahargaon.

Shri Asif Ali, Research Officer functioning at Branch Officer of the Planning Section and also the Public Grievance Officer, Dte. of Health Services, public visiting timing is 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, the contact details of Research Officer is 03192 237232.