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Health Care Services in the Isles

Health being a vital sector, lack of facilities in this sector undermines the confidence and morale of people living in these Islands as it accentuates the sense of isolation from the mainland. This in turn also magnifies any other inconveniences imposed by the inherent logistic difficulties due to the distance. It may also be pertinent to mention that in the last few years, the aspirations of the people have increased considerably and so have the felt needs in the Health sector.

The major activity of the Health Department, Andaman and Nicobar Administration is to provide curative, preventive and supportive health care delivery to the community.

Directorate of Health Services (DHS) has an important role in the provision and administration of health services and in order to raise the quality, extend accountability and deliver the services fairly, effectively and courteously.

The primary health care infrastructure has been developed as a five tier system - Sub- Centres, Primary Health Centres, Urban Health Centres, Community Health Centres and District Hospital. Sub-Centre is the most peripheral contact point between the Primary Health Care System and the community and is manned generally by Multi-Purpose Health Workers (Male & Female). Primary Health Centre is manned by a Medical Officer/Chief Medical Officer supported by para-medical and other staff.

The PHCs act as referral units for the sub-centres and provide preventive, promotive, curative and family welfare services. Some of the PHCs and CHCs have attached hospitals with minimum of 10 beds are headed by a Health Officer. The Community Health Centres are headed by a Health Officer generally and a minimum of 30 beds. It serves as a referral centre for PHCs.

The only Referral Hospital i.e. G.B.Pant Hospital, South Andaman District and two District Hospitals viz. BJR Hospital, Car Nicobar in Car Nicobar District and Dr. R.P.Hospital, Mayabunder in North and Middle Andaman District are general hospitals with multi-specialized facilities. There is one Ayush Hospital for Homeopathic and Ayurvedic treatment. At present there are two wards existing for male and female with 20 beds. Patients are admitted there for ayurvedic treatment. Some of PHCs and CHCs have also Homeopathic and Ayurvedic dispensaries.

Infra Structure

Items South Andaman District N & M Andaman Sistrict Nicobar District Total
Sub Centre 38 44 40 122
PHC 10 08 04 22
CHC 01 02 01 04
UHC 05 - - 05
District Hospital - 01 01 02
Referral Hospital 01 - - 01
Ayush Hospital 01 - - 01